Sara B Co-op
The Schooner Sara B
Is looking for a few good friends!

Do you feel a stirring at the sight of a traditional gaff-rigged wooden schooner? Keep reading! We, Susan and Chris Gateley, brought Sara B up to Fair Haven from Long Island in the fall of 2004 and have been her caretakers since. Sara B is a 38 foot twelve ton Tancook schooner built as a yacht in Nova Scotia in the early 1950s. She's a grand old lady and is great fun to sail, but she is getting along in years and needs more care and looking after than in her younger days.

After three springs of outfitting her during which we have put in many hours ( and a goodly number of dollars) replacing deck and hull planks, re-fastening, re-bolting, re-caulking, and most recently re-canvasing, the two of us have concluded Sara B needs more of a support network.

We'd like to stay involved with her and we believe maintaining, upgrading, and supporting her financially is manageable if the burden (and the fun) get spread around a bit more. As an alternative to selling her, we want to find other people who would like to be involved with Sara B (at least somewhat) and reduce our share to 10 or 20 or 30 percent.

With that in mind we have set up a cooperative legal framework for the group ownership of Sara B. People who join it can contribute as much (or as little) as they want. They are under no obligation for any set commitment. As co-op members they are owners and can sail Sara B, make plans for her future welfare and use and, if they want, they can HELP with her preservation and possibly ultimately even her full restoration.

For more information go to the web at If you're at all interested, we want to hear from you! Email us at or call us at 315 594-1906 or 315 594-1206 or look for us on Sara B (probably working ... but maybe sailing!) docked for the summer at the Pleasant Beach Hotel/Restaurant.