The Schooner Sara B Log

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July 01, 2010     Post 31
Sara B Moves to the Barn

Welding up the lifter brackets

On a muggy late June morning we loaded up the truck and car with several hundred pounds of bolts jacks tools rope chain blocks and other gear, hitched up the borrowed trailer, and headed for Sara b's appointment with the Travel Lift. Do we need the chain saw? How about bail money? If all went well she'd soon embark on perhaps the second overland journey of her life.

Weeks of preparation for her short but crucial overland cruise through North Wolcott were over. The trailer's electric brakes had been revived, Chris had purchased and installed a breakaway brake system the mysterious noise under the truck's hood had been eliminated six “new” load range F tires were pumped up to 100 psi and the trailer had been re configured with two six by six beams to fit Sara B's long keel. We hoped.

Assembling the lifter

Many hours and dollars had been spent prepping for the trip. One major task was prying the trailer and its occupant, a 32 foot boat out of the mud, and then separating the two. Chris fabricated a hoist out of 6 by 6 beams welded steel corner braces and a strap. This would lift the boat half at a time so we could pull the trailer out. On a very long hot late spring day Chris Sue and Jim Marron did the job. Assembling the lifter and the pre- made boat cradle supports took four hours. Lifting the boat took about ten minutes. The hardest part was lifting the lifter. Jim Taylor and his fork lift gave it a nudge at a crucial moment. After the trailer was at our place, Chris welded on an extension to fit Sara B's longer keel and also welded steel supports for the beams, repaired an upright bracket and modified the hitch for the load leveler bars.


When the marina Travel Lift put Sara B on the trailer the fit was nearly perfect. And the springs barely flattened!Looking hopeful... A bit of shimming, wedging, and strapping and chaining and we were ready. Now could we haul Sara B up the hill out of the marina and onto West Bay Road? With escort car in front and back up truck behind we proceeded at a stately pace to head south and then west. Our truck motor, tires, and tranny all issues of doubt came through. At a steady ten to fifteen the rig rolled down West Bay (followed by about a dozen cars and trucks) and then onto less traveled Smith and Kakat. A light drizzle slicked the pavement a bit but we rolled onto Broadway where Ruthie the dog saluted us. In North Wolcott three girls looked on at our parade and one called out- That's So Cool to my sister in her truck bringing up the rear.

Loaded up, strapped down and ready to go

At the driveway we executed the tandem truck haul plan with MG 's Ford standing by should it flop. The old Chevy at the top of the hill with a long cable to the GMC truck. And up it all came. Sara B was home.
Now the Real Work begins!

Up the driveway hill

Success! Just need to get her in that little tiny barn now

First a few repairs to Sara B's "tug" (then sell it to raise money for fiberglass - any takers?)

I'm exhausted!

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