The Schooner Sara B Log

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December 26, 2010     Post 34
Sara B's Lines

Preparing the measuring rig
Back in the fall of 2008, using a home-made laser set-up, we measured Sara B to get her lines. This consisted of 24 stations with from 1 to 11 points. Accuracy is probably for the most part within an inch or so but no guarantees! There are a few awkward points such as the transom upper line and nearby sheer. The rudder is not included. The sheer line is at the deck and doesn't include the toe-rail.

The sail plan is derived from a faded original sail plan along with some measurements. It reflects her current bowsprit which is considerably longer that the original.

As we've said in past posts, Sara B is an early 1950's Ray Stevens design. We hope we're not violating any copyright laws posting these lines. Should the descendants of Ray Stevens take issue with this, we'll be quite willing to comply with their wishes.

The lines as generated by the Delftship marine design program (click to enlarge)

Sail Plan

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