The Schooner Sara B Log

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May 21, 2015     Post 48
Spring Launch

New topsides paint
After a long cold winter spring's longer days saw life returning to the boat yards. At Fair Point the paint crew gave Sara B a new coat of basic black suitably “flattened” to a satin finish. ( We think “shiny” does not suit Sara B with her work boat heritage, deadeyes, bronze and galvanized hardware, and her DIY Vaitses faired up hull job.) The newly emerged chironomid midges thought Sara B's warm black hull was a fine place to rest. Regretfully it was the final resting spot for the many midges that landed on the new paint.

Bill and Ann and I figured the midge parts wouldn't show from 10 feet away.

We launched Sara B with hopes that Chris had fixed the Lucas starter. Alas, he had not. So the Perkins starter went back on-Chris is getting pretty good at changing them out. The marina mechanic suggested we try D&W Diesel in Auburn and so we took it in on a Monday and got a call on Tuesday to pick it up. Once again Chris swapped starters out. This time it does seem to be fixed! Chris even restored the cockpit button start switch.

Finally in the water again

Sara B was put together at the dock on Sunday by Bill Ann John P, Chris, Sue and Rich who went aloft to do the triatic. Sunday following she had a grand sail on a puffy south wind of 10 to20 with flat water. Bill Ann Chris and I had a splendid romp down to Brown Road and even tried heaving to for cheese and crackers. At least in flat water the tactic worked very well even with a shifty wind. We also messed around with the Go Pro camera- I took some upside down video and Chris put it under water and actually got a few seconds of the bottom of the lake passing by under the boat! Pretty strange!

We used outer jib and main and then when we sailed home we simply raised the staysail and ran home without the fore. We did four miles in about forty minutes I estimated.

There 's still cosmetic work to be done but Sara B seems pretty functional. I think even the tranny creep is a little better and the water pump leak is manageable- so she's back in action for now.

Check out this documentary project starring Sara B!

Bending on sails - John, Ann

From the foretop - John on deck

Foretopman Rich, rigging the triatic

Sailing! Up close with the bow wave

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