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July 19, 2020     Post 57
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Photo by Karen Durston - July, 2005
As the very strange and sad year of 2020 with COVID restrictions on travel and social distancing began, we listed Sara B for sale on Craig’s List, in the local shopper and on line at various websites. The Craig’s List post brought in two queries, one from a very experienced mariner seeking to start up an educational endeavor for young people to learn various in demand maritime trades, and a couple of other rather wistful queries that were refreshingly honest about their dreams and their lack of liquidity.

A post on the Facebook group page Schooner bums also brought in a couple of queries. One was from two younger people who traveled up from Virginia over Memorial Day weekend to look the boat over. They helped rig her, sailed with us once and put a deposit down.

On July 17 Chris deposited a check for the balance from Sara B’s buyers, Cory Roy and Bronwyn Comer, who will be taking their schooner to Norfolk VA via the NYS canal system as soon as it opens fully.

Of course, she is going to leave a huge hole in our boating lives, and we’ve already been told that many people on Fair Haven Bay will miss seeing her. But it was time to move on, and we believe this is about as good a resolution to the quest for a new home for Sara B as we could ask for. Life is full of uncertainties, and changes can be hard but that’s just how things are.

The little shiplet who has been known to others as Pleiades, Dream, John A. Noble, Chasseur, and Sara B, has brought beauty and joy to the lives of her previous owners and associates. She has enriched our lives tremendously, particularly since the co-op was established. We’ve sailed on some grand cruises and day sails with various shipmates as anyone scrolling back through this log will see. With luck she may continue to celebrate the Bohemian creed of truth beauty freedom and love for a few more years. Fair winds to the little Tancook schooner that we knew as Sara B. You were a good boat.

Photo by Warren Keillor - July, 2008

Photo by Holly Gillis - June, 2008

Photo by Mad-Peg (Christine Bough-Burgess) - August, 2007

Photo by Fritz Greetham - May, 2006

Photo from Charlie Deroko - back when "Sara B" was "John A Noble"

Photo by Gary Benson - August, 2012

Photo by Diana Rawlins - September, 2013

Photo by Diana Rawlins - September, 2013

Photo by Jim Flynn - September, 2014

Photo by Geoff Hanford - July, 2020

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