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March 11, 2009     Post 7
Spring plans for 09

Ahoy all,

Yes, it's only March and the bay is still frozen but redwing blackbirds are back in the marsh and snow geese are heading north. It's time to stir up plans for summer-

We want to take a cruise this summer with Sara B, a two week trip to Toronto and other Canadian destinations and we need crew. Dig up your pass ports and come. If we do a bit of planning (gasp) we should be able to do crew exchanges enroute. Right now we think depart June 15 or so and return by end of month. Tentatively we could run along the south shore down to Wilson, then cross to Toronto visit Solstice Moon's club and the big city, then possibly sail with them down to Hamilton for a gam with the Collins. After that we'd probably run home along the north shore with stops along the way and go through Bay of Quinte. Don't know if we'd do Kingston. But for sure we'd stop at Main Duck.

So check the calendar and see if you can join Sara B for her grand tour. She is pretty comfortable with four, two forward and two aft or share main cabin and have forepeak to self and its do-able with five overnight.

The summer scene has lots going on, Pleasant Beach is hosting a small boat messabout on June 6 bring your kayak, canoe or rowboat. There'll be some small sailboats too. The schooner gam meet is still up in the air. Bob Wood is trying to stir it up but no definite date has been set. A brigantine might attend. Nick and Amanda Alexander ( the Liberty schooner) bought the Black Pearl last fall down in Connecticut.

Is there any interest in the Oak Orchard Boat fest this year. It's in August third weekend and if the charter business is slow I might like to go. Anyone else interested? It would probably have to be a 3 or 4 day affair depending on weather of course!

Mark down Sept 12 for the Pleasant Beach wooden boat fest. Sara B should be on hand for that. We aren't planning on the Oswego re enactment if it goes off. Lotus might take over our role for that. We hope. We visited Sara B briefly in the boatyard last weekend. We're hoping to get her in early again last weekend of April and we'll be looking for paint, putty, lead hauling etc help. I have my hatch pretty well apart. How is yours doing Jim? I also made a good start on the sail covers. We thought we could do the final fitting and tweaking right at the dock after the boat is rigged. Watch the work log for updates. So far we're hoping no big projects will be required maybe no new planks etc.

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