The Schooner Sara B

Sara B, a 47' Tancook Schooner, started sailing Little Sodus Bay in the Summer of 2005.  She's now owned by the Sara B Co-op formed to support, maintain, promote, and sail her.

She could be called the unofficial (small) Tall Ship of Little Sodus Bay and the Village of Fair Haven, NY.

She can be found, in season, docked at the Pleasant Beach Hotel and Restaurant.

** Nov, 2013 ** Sara B is in winter storage after a 2nd successful year with her new 'skin'.

The Sara B Co-op is looking for new members. If you might be interested in getting involved go to the Co-op Page.

Whether or not you care to become a Co-op member, your donation to help keep Sara B sailing Little Sodus Bay would be most welcome!

Enter amount in dollars (min 5.00):   
Donations via PayPal courtesy The Chimney Bluff Artisan's Co-op.
Make check donations to: Schooner "Sara B" LLC, 12025 Delling Rd, Wolcott, NY 14590.
Donations are not tax deductible.

Here are some interesting boats and people Sara B has met sailing Lake Ontario.

The Schooner Sara B Log
September 13, 2013  Sara B's Summer
July 01, 2013  Lake Ontario Cruise
June 04, 2013  Cruise & Research Plans
April 26, 2013  About Ready for Launch
January 06, 2013  Winter Update
September 04, 2012  Update and Cruise Report
June 07, 2012  Sara B 2.0 - She Swims!
April 09, 2012  April Update
December 04, 2011  December Update
July 13, 2011  Update
April 18, 2011  Invitation to the Fiberglassing Party!
December 26, 2010  Sara B's Lines
November 21, 2010  November update
August 05, 2010  Quick Update
July 01, 2010  Sara B Moves to the Barn
May 09, 2010  May Update
February 27, 2010  Looking at a major refit
September 28, 2009  Sara B Update
July 10, 2009  June Cruise and An Old Friend Visits
May 16, 2009  Spring Launch
April 07, 2009  Spring Update
October 28, 2008  Where Did Summer Go?
July 05, 2008  Short Cruise to Canada
July 01, 2008  A Schooner Gam (with Ketches)
May 28, 2008  Ready for a Sail
May 01, 2008  Launch
April 07, 2008  Back to the boat-yard
October 10, 2007  Another season comes to a close
September 01, 2007  Sara B and the Highlanders
August 20, 2007  Oak Orchard Festival and Bay of Quinte
July 01, 2007  Cruise to Canada
June 14, 2007  The Floor Job (but afloat again!)
May 10, 2007  Canvasing the deck
October 16, 2006  Another Season Ends
August 19, 2006  Sara B Goes to a Party
June 01, 2006  Afloat Again
May 09, 2006  Spring Update
October 25, 2005  The first season ends
August 15, 2005  Sailing Sara B
June 19, 2005  Sara B Afloat Again!
May 23, 2005  Signs of progress
April 03, 2005  Time to get to work
December 19, 2004  An Assessment of Work to be Done
November 25, 2004  Sara B comes home
November 20, 2004  The Purchase - a simple click of the button on E-Bay and now we're in a world of trouble!

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