The Schooner Sara B Log

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November 25, 2004     Post 2
Sara B comes home

Out of the water and onto the trailer at Jeff's Yacht Haven
We left the schooner stripped and ready and drove home on a rainy but still mild Thursday night. We were very happy to see our dry warm little house. The following Monday Lockview Boat Haulers called to say they would be loading her that day so we headed out one last time to Kingston, anxious to see her out and safe on the trailer. As we approached the marina both of us wondered what we would find as we viewed the bottom of our fifty year old Ebay purchase for the first time.

Jeff's Yacht Haven had her out and waiting in the Travel lift as we examined the bottom for signs of loose planks and obvious weakness. Jeff stopped by and said "Your boat didn't even creak when she came out". (Boats of all types but especially older wooden boats are strongest when afloat cradled by water. When in lift slings or on shore the entire weight of the hull rests on just a few support points and older woodies that aren't as sound as they used to be can suffer especially as the bounce along over the road at 60 mph.) We began feeling much better about Sara B's prospects over the road after seeing her out of the water.

Ready to go as darkness falls
About ten minutes later Walt the trucker pulled in with his shiny big Volvo and hydraulic trailer- a splendid rig. He came over to look at his candidate saying "So here's the old beauty". Lockview Boat Hauling came highly recommended to us by three people who had moved boats with them. Two of those people had moved old woodies with Lockview. I found his quick competence very reassuring as he bustled around placing supports and pads. Still it took two hours to load her and get the masts on. We drove home guardedly hopeful for her safe arrival.

She arrived at Fair Haven the next day where we pulled up to find Walt and his rig and a couple of bystanders- Bob Shon and Gale Bouldin. They told us "we were having coffee and saw her go by- wow- what was that! We jumped in the car and followed her over!" No secrets on Fair Haven Bay I guess. She had come through her "portage" in good order. The rest of the story was routine- fire up the lift, trundle her over to her winter spot ( next to another big old woodie powerboat strategically placed near the electric outlet and the dumpster) and block her up for the winter. Sara B is now in her new home.

She arrives in Fairhaven
Here if anybody reading this wants to take note, We highly recommend the competence and good service of Jeffs Yacht Haven of Kingston NY and Lockview Boat Haulers, both of whom treated Sara B very well indeed.

Wrapping her up for the winter

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