The Schooner Sara B Log

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December 19, 2004     Post 3
An Assessment of Work to be Done

The "assessors" at work (back while still afloat)
Sara B has survived for fifty years with very little help thanks to her original rugged workboat constitution. However she is now in need of attention in several areas.

Her hull is yellow pine over oak with galvanized clinch nail fastenings. It remains fair and true with planks flush and tight. This suggests we can put off decisions about re fastening for a reason or two anyway. However, there is filler along the waterline planking as well as in one area on the starboard side above the waterline and also on the starboard top corner of the ransom. This filler may be a “repair” for areas of damage or it could mean other problems – It needs further investigation. Because this is a salt water boat that was wet stored, the waterline filler may well be covering up abrasion and damage from ice in previous winters.

There is a split on top of the stem along the gammon iron bolts. This needs repair perhaps with epoxy and physical fastenings. After edge of transom framing is heavily weathered and checked. This appears solid but needs preventative maintenance- should be treated with wood preservative and sealed as best as possible to prevent further deterioration.

There is one bad butt in sheer plank, port side near aft chain plate, It’s adjacent to covering board.

This shows the rudder / shaft separation

Below decks
A through hull backing block to port for the head intake is soft and needs removal/replacement. Aft of cockpit six or eight frames show deterioration and softening of surface. As wood a quarter inch down is hard and shows no discoloration our inclination here is to scrape the soft stuff off, remove it, soak ribs in wood preservative and monitor for awhile as it appears there is still solid wood here.

The area most urgently in need of attention is the rudder and associated trunk structure. The box like trunk that shaft passes through has one piece of soft wood in its aft side. This needs to be stabilized, or removed, or dealt with in some way as yet to be determined! ( And it is NOT easy to access back there).

The rudder itself also needs work. The blade is bolted through a wooden rudder post at three points and the top attachment has apparently pulled partially through post so blade ahs separated from post. These bolts are iron/steel. One solution might be to remove existing rusted rod (if possible) and replace with bronze or stainless or some other non corroding material. But questions about shaft integrity remain. At present we’re inclined to try to remove rudder blade from shaft, then pull shaft out from top. This might allow assessment of shaft and hopefully some of inside trunk structure as wel

A tight bottom but some attention around the rudder shaft needed

Bottom of keel and rudder heel show small areas of what we suspect is worm /borer damage, -solution-cut it out and install Dutchman style patches.

1 or 2 broken ribs were noted aft by engine, these should be sistered.

Skylight plexiglass needs caulking, deck house canvas needs patching and should be replaced ASAP, both hatches need refinishing.

The other top priority the port covering board and bulwark and cap rail are soft and need replacement for much or all of their length.

The taff rail aft likewise probably needs total replacement.

Port forward brace on boom gallows arch probably needs replacement.

Deck itself needs recaulking and re oiling after “gluvit “ has been removed. It’s been suggested in addition to oiling, we also keep it “pickled “ with frequent brine

Under the after deck:
1. An unused tank needs removing
2. The trunk housing the rudder shaft
3. Ribs show surface deterioration
wash downs.

Engine wiring plumbing etc.

Sara B’s pressurized fresh water system doesn’t work. We are interested in removing 1?2? tanks to facilitate access to rudder trunk and ribs aft. Maybe we’ll re do water system. Someday.

She doesn’t have a holding tank head intake may not be taking any water in. This needs evaluation. One possible solution- try a marine composting toilet to eliminate through hulls and holding tank needs.

All thru hulls there are 4? Under cockpit and head? Need checking and lube. Cockpit drain lines are they “up to code?”.

Electrical quite the fifty year mish mash needs a go over from Chris and the newer stuff needs to be physically secured behind the panel.

Engine fuel system needs an over haul to solve various small leaks associated with filters. Especially secondary filter.

Charging system needs checking we’re not sure how much/if its charging.

The engine box needs to be re done and sound proofing installed and area over shaft and flywheel

Deck work:
1. Port covering board
2. Boom gallow forward brace
3. Taff rail
As can be seen, the Gluvit deck covering is totally shot & will be removed
shielded and covered over.

Spars and rig
Sails are in excellent condition.

One spreader is rotten on main mast, so probably both need replacement.

Stays- possibly triatic should be replaced we might be able to get by for a while with other lowers as though somewhat rusted, they are probably pretty oversized and presumably have some reserve on what is a more lightly loaded rig than typical marconi mast.

The masts come home for storage

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