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April 26, 2013     Post 42
About Ready for Launch

New composting head sits on cabin to be installed
A short update- Well, the recycled bill board tarp winter cover idea was disappointing. The fabric re-inforced fabric flexed and almost immediately began to break down and develop pin holes and leaks. The material is clearly meant to be stretched tight against a bill board – oh well. Not only did it leave annoying little fragments of plastic coating all over the deck, but it also chafed our carefully applied satin low gloss paint job and made shiny spots. So that was not a satisfactory outcome! Maybe we'll move to shrink wrap next year.

We have scheduled Sara B for a lift and launch on May 6. Although we won't be lifting lead this year, there will still be 'tasks' such as transport of masts and other gear. And after launch the semi annual trip aloft to attach the triatic could use an extra pair of hands to tail on. Chris plans to install the new rudder blade this Saturday. He fabricated a bearing-bushing system for the new reduced diameter shaft which is now in place. This weekend will probably see a bit of bottom touch up, put the fore hatch back on etc. The new head is in but has yet to be 'christened'.

The new rudder, primed and painted
We want to take Sara B on a lake circumnavigation this June. But to do this in a relaxed and leisurely fashion ( which as far as I'm concerned is the only way to cruise an old gaffer) we need at least one additional pair of hands. The target departure date is June 10. So check your calendars and see if there is anyway you could sign on for a leg. The water levels are up enough so we should be able to visit most of our favorite spots over in the Bay of Quinte area and if we're lucky, slip inside Main Duck again too before bass season opens and it gets busy there.

After a three week trip around the lake we expect and hope that Sara B will keep busy doing bay sails and possibly she might slip away for a quick weekend somewhere before fall winds blow once again. We have the mooring lined up at Pleasant Beach for her so Thornycroft, and the fates willing Fair Haven will have its small ship back one more year.

Spar touch-ups
More on the 3 week cruise: There's room for 5 (friendly) crew, currently Sue & Chris are the only definite ones. Passports are required to get into Canada. We'll probably give priority to anyone who can sign up to go the distance. But if there's room we'll try to make it work for anyone wanting to go for just part of the cruise. This will require flexible travel arrangements, likely involving Canada. No charges (and no pay!) to be crew but expenses (food,fuel,dockage) will be shared and work running the boat shared. We also may be sampling for plastic using a plankton net for a research project - an additional job. If you're interested call Sue (315-594-1906).

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