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June 04, 2013     Post 43
Cruise & Research Plans

All looks well for Sara B's cruise beginning next Saturday, June 8. Sue, Chris & Emma Netterman are on for the full 3 weeks. John Pupparo is onboard the first 3 or 4 days along the south shore in the US. Last chance to sign up!

This is also a working cruise: the neuston net, sample jars, etc. are ready to go. Sue talks about the project on her Lake Ontario Log:

Plastic pollution of water is a huge problem. A few years ago we Americans tossed 46 billion pounds of plastic. And quite a bit of it ended up in Lake Ontario. It's a problem because it leaches noxious chemicals into the water and the food chain and tiny particles of plastic adsorb and attract other chemicals that also can enter the food chain if a fish or other critter eats the stuff. And we all know what species sits on top of the food chain around here- those two legged lords and masters of the universe sailing old schooners around!

Dr. Sherri Mason of Fredonia has joined other researchers in studying the extent and sources of the plastic in our lakes. This summer we plan to assist by collecting during Sara B's cruise. We will be posting more about this.

Meantime here's a link to the Lake Ontario Log note about the issue. There's a good overview of the problem in this National Geographic story.

We also hope to be regularly adding 'patches' to this Quilt via smart phone. And keeping a more informative and geographically correct chart at this site. These are using a new web site concept based on quilts developed (NOT coincidentally) by Chris's company, Cykic Software, Inc.

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