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July 15, 2008     Post 5
Summer sailing

Dear Sara B associates;

We're now in high summer, mid point of our sailing season. Sara B has done with wandering and has settled in at her slip behind the “P-B” for the rest of the summer where she is spending quite a lot of time napping. But she always welcomes a little company and an outing is even nicer.

Chris and Sue want to remind everyone that you are part owners and as such you should feel free to initiate an outing aboard Sara B. You don't have to wait for an “invitation” from the Gateleys. She's your boat, too.

Skipper Sue now feels qualified (more or less) to supervise “docking practice” and/or sail management if anyone out there aspires to become a qualified schooner master. Skipper Sue can also sail with Sara B on most weekdays if that's your interest, and would love to be crew. Call up the night before ( 594 1906) or that morning. She and Chris rarely need much persuasion to sail on Sara B.

Partly with the hope of supporting the Pleasant Beach as a destination for visitors, Sara B is committed to a short schedule of three public boat rides a day for paying customers on four Friday and Saturday afternoons from July 25 to August 16 from 2:30 pm to about 10 pm. So she's tied up on those eight afternoons. She's available pretty much very other day including Sundays. So come sail with her. Chris and Friedal and Toby and Jim and Gale went to a lot of trouble to get her launched and rigged. Let's take her for a sail!

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