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August 11, 2008     Post 6
possible Sara B cruise

Ahoy Associates and Friends of Sara B

Due to an unexpected series of events, Chris and Sue are now committed to taking Sara B up to Oswego for Aug 30 where there will be a re-enactment event that she is participating in (see her website for account of last year's action). Because of this we have decided to open up the possibility of one more cruise to Canada for Sara B.

Sara B has room for two or three 'extras' on this possible trip. It would depend on weather, and could last up to two weeks with various options for possible shorter 'legs' if transport can be figured out.

If you have any interest in maybe going abroad with Sara B and have a pass port or drivers license and other residency proof ( birth certificate) contact us and we can talk about the details.

ps if anyone wants to sail up to Oswego and spend the night, help with the 're-enactment' and then go back to Fair Haven let us know!

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