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March 08, 2008     Post 2
Spring projects and launch plan

Despite 30 degrees and snow outside, we're thinking of Sara B and what needs to be done.

Without any major projects anticipated, we're hoping for an early launch this year - perhaps the first weekend of May. To be done before launch:

More screws in the bottom with a particular focus on butt blocks.

We think all planking is good for another year anyway. One plank is cupped a little but has been that way for several years without leaking noticeably. A couple planks at the waterline had some worm damage but seem to have plenty of good wood left in them. We'll check these again after we get the cover off but figure on not replacing any this year.

The pesky leak up forward in the stem needs attention. We're still not sure how it's coming in. Needs to be looked at closely. Maybe all we can do is stuff the checks with caulk and hope for the best. It only leaks significantly when underway and isn't threatening but would be nice to resolve.

Recaulk seams where needed - both bottom and topsides. Look at and possibly repair a putty job on starboard quarter where she was damaged some time ago. Lightly sand bottom and paint. Paint topsides and cabin sides.

Mast/spar maintenance - varnish. Check blocks, rigging.

Friedel and friend(s) have agreed to tackle some new sail covers. The main and fore covers we made last year were an improvement over what we had but need further improvement. We made them from untreated duck which is economical but quickly became mildewy and smelly and shrank a little. Also the velcro closure along the bottom wasn't real successful. So we'll get better material and use ties. Maybe still use velcro for the front and the little flaps around halyards/lazy jacks. The two existing headsail covers we might be able to just cut down a little and add more convenient ties.

We're working with Toby to make brackets to reinforce the lifeline stanchions. They're thick aluminum plates with a hole for the stanchion and screwed to the top of the toerail. With paint they'll look okay and should add considerable strength to the stanchions.

Sue is replacing one plank in the cockpit sole that's a little punky. Plus checking and recaulking other seams as needed.

The forward hatch may need some attention and it would be nice to figure some way to make it a little more usable - its basically just ventilation now.

Tidy up and secure wiring and batteries.

Scrape the loose paint on undersides of deck and re-paint.

The skylight needs some attention. The windows need to be caulked/glued in. Some varnishing. This could be an at home job if done while the winter cover is still on.

Although not a repair/maintenance project, we're still hoping to spend a day and take Sara B's lines with the homemade theodolite-like contraption I put together. With a good table of offsets we can get started on the new hull!

Let us know if you can help out. Best to call first (315-594-1206/Chris cell, 315-594-1906/Sue home) or if you're in the area just come by the boatyard - somebody will probably be there if it's a decent day, weekends particularly.

- Chris

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