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April 23, 2008     Post 3
Launch scheduled for Friday

Barring any unforeseen surprises, Sara B is scheduled to be launched Friday (4/25), 3:30 PM .

As I write, Sue, Toby, and Jim Aspenwall are working on her, caulking the bottom, getting ready to paint it (probably tomorrow). We've put many new screws in her bottom, 3 new butt blocks, and we did end up replacing a plank that was badly cupped.

The expected schedule is let her soak in the slings Friday night, lower her down some Saturday and possibly load some ballast, then Sunday load the remaining ballast. We'll probably get the masts over to the boatyard Sunday also. Then Monday (probably morning) take her off the slings and get the masts stepped and rigged, booms and gaffs rigged, load anchors, etc. Then, assuming the Thorneycroft (motor) starts, take her over to Pleasant Beach if they'll have her.

Stop by anytime to help bail! But in particular help moving and loading ballast would be good. Also rigging.

Call us for updates if you want. (315-594-1206/Chris cell, 315-594-1906/Sue home)

- Chris

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