The Schooner Sara B

Sara B, a 47' Tancook Schooner, started sailing Little Sodus Bay in the Summer of 2005.  She's now owned by the Sara B Co-op formed to support, maintain, promote, and sail her.

She can be found, in season, docked at the Pleasant Beach Hotel and Restaurant.

** May, 2014 ** Sara B is back in the water ready for another season.

The Sara B Co-op is looking for new members. If you might be interested in getting involved go to the Co-op Page.

Whether or not you care to become a Co-op member, your donation to help keep Sara B sailing Little Sodus Bay would be most welcome!

Make check donations to: Schooner "Sara B" LLC, 14550 Lake St, Sterling, NY 13156.

Donations are not tax deductible.

Here are some interesting boats and people Sara B has met sailing Lake Ontario.

The Schooner Sara B Log