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July 29, 2009     Post 9
Sara B update- tranny trouble

Short update to Sara B FOSBA's July 29
Sara B after a short trip to Sodus Bay in mid July has been laid up at her
dock. Sometime ago we were warned that the adjustment for the transmission's
forward clutch was 'bottomed out' and we would need to reline the clutch band
that clamps down on the shaft drum. We are now at that point.

In order to reline the band the transmission has to be removed. In order to
remove the transmission, the engine has to be moved. This is not a small task (
the engine weighs about 800 lbs). Then the transmission will have to go to a
machine shop where it can be disassembled and the new band lining installed.

The good news is a friend of old iron in Britain forwarded a manual in the form
of a pdf file for our JD2 Industrial engine with marine unit ( the
transmission). Thank goodness for the Internet and for kindly Brits! This with
its drawings of the tranny and directions for disassembly will be helpful. At
least we are not totally blind now heading into this project. The manual also
gives clearance info which might be useful to the machine shop. We also have
identified two possible machine shops. One Drake Engine in Rochester does old
marine motor work. Another antique-engine.com comes recommended by a Sea scout
ship Lotus volunteer. I emailed the man in charge and got a very encouraging
response. So IF we can extract the transmission, I am hopeful that we will get
the clutch band re-lined.

Chris spent all of last Saturday disconnecting electrical wiring, gauges,
coolent lines, shaft coupling etc to get ready for the lift. The motor he
figures needs to be moved about six or 8 inches so the tranny can be taken out
of the rear of the case. He then attempted to remove a hold down bolt that
fastens old Thorny to the oak engine beds. The acid oak and ferrous bolt have
done their thing. No go. Finally after breaking one ratchet handle he broke a
bolt off. The next attempt broke another ratchet handle and got one bolt out
intact. So far this has taken about 8 hours. We borrowed Toby's portable air
compressor and tried an impact wrench. The other two hold down bolts moved a
little. One is very inaccessible and the breaker bar option won't work unless
we make some sort of home grown extension three feet long to give us room to
swing the breaker bar over the top of the motor. We put penetrating oil on the
top of the bolts in the probably futile hope of loosening the seized steel and
went away. So progress, but slow going.

To be continued.

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April 23, 2008     Post 3
Launch scheduled for Friday

Barring any unforeseen surprises, Sara B is scheduled to be launched Friday (4/25), 3:30 PM .

As I write, Sue, Toby, and Jim Aspenwall are working on her, caulking the bottom, getting ready to paint it (probably tomorrow). We've put many new screws in her bottom, 3 new butt blocks, and we did end up replacing a plank that was badly cupped.

The expected schedule is let her soak in the slings Friday night, lower her down some Saturday and possibly load some ballast, then Sunday load the remaining ballast. We'll probably get the masts over to the boatyard Sunday also. Then Monday (probably morning) take her off the slings and get the masts stepped and rigged, booms and gaffs rigged, load anchors, etc. Then, assuming the Thorneycroft (motor) starts, take her over to Pleasant Beach if they'll have her.

Stop by anytime to help bail! But in particular help moving and loading ballast would be good. Also rigging.

Call us for updates if you want. (315-594-1206/Chris cell, 315-594-1906/Sue home)

- Chris

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If you care to give a hand, contact the Ship Keeper at (315) 594-1906 or 594-1206 or email sarab@brownroad.com

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Although she's got some more good years of sailing in her, Sara B is elderly and is not going to last forever. If we had enough enthusiastic + skilled + affluent Co-op members, maybe we could do a major rebuild. This would probably be a "jack up the bell and slide a new hull under" type job. But she's not so big that this would be totally unrealistic. Can dream anyway!